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The purpose of the experimental setup is to investigate the film cooling performance. The setup consists 800CFM air blower with a static pressure of 300mmWG. Main stream air from the blower is passed through the mesh heater. The mesh size is 1mm opening with 70% open area. The mesh is made of stainless steel. Since the stainless steel is having very low resistance, it is powered with low voltage high current (24V-350Amp) D.C power source. To heat the air up to 65 degrees air is passed through three mesh heaters which are connected in series. To get required high velocities a convergent nozzle is connected from the heating section to test section. Another section of the setup is coolant line. Coolant air from the compressor is mixed with SF6 gas in a mixing chamber. Based on percentage of SF6 the density of mixture can be altered. The density of mixture is measured using density meter( have to purchase) and flow rate is measured using Coriolis flowmeter. The air and SF6 mixture is passed into the plenum chamber which give equal pressure throughout the mixture. Cooling air mixture will come out from the cooling holes and forms a cooling film on the test surface. The test surface is made of 25mm thick acrylic material. The temperature on the surface is mapped using flir A655sc camera have 640X480 resolution. The top plate of the section has a infrared window for temperature mapping using IR camera. Using k-type thermocouples temperature of the main stream and cold stream is taken. Main stream and Cold jet velocity profiles are investigated using hot wire anemometer.

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