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Flow Boiling

Flow boiling is a liquid-vapour phase change heat transfer technique with ample potential to satisfy future thermal management needs. Flow boiling is more complicated than pool boiling because of the combination of fluid convection and boiling mechanism. Flow boiling in minichannel/microchannel has wide applications in high-power electronic devices, cooling of electric vehicle batteries, cooling of laser, the evaporator of miniature vapour compression refrigeration systems, etc. Therefore, fundamental studies on flow boiling in parallel minichannel/microchannels are essential to enhance the performance of two-phase heat sinks. Flow boiling experiments are being conducted on various minichannel heat sink configurations to study the flow regimes, bubble dynamics, and heat transfer augmentation. Flow regimes are studied using a high-speed camera, and the infrared camera will be used to get the temperature distribution on the minichannel heat sink. The experimental setup is shown in the figure.


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